Consulting Services

At Mayer & Co. we are very serious when it comes to business and security. 

We love the Zanzibari lifestyle, pole- pole, and hakuna matata. Locals have something we adore and envy and what is the most important, no matter the outcome is, there is always a smile on their faces. However, when it comes to business we prefer the Western approach; task oriented and always on time. We deliver quality service with the adequate paste. Whether it comes to your investment, choosing the right people, connecting with most reliable legal professionals, or investigating your options, we will do it for your, and we will do it how it should be done. 

We are serious when it comes to business and security. Sometimes even too serious… 

At Mayer & Co. we will guide you and connect with the best ones in the field of:
– legal services  – investment process and criteria 
– tax consultancy 
– HR 
– financial advisory 
– operations and management  We also know a bit about the hospitality sector.

We might even take you out for a nice dinner. Just please tell us what are your meal preferences at: